Let’s drop the Axe…by O’flames

To tuck or not to tuck?

In 2010, we noticed the increasing predominance of a trend known as the Boot Tuck which is “the tendency among certain men & Women to tuck their pants into their boots” . This look still persists even five years after, that’s long enough, if you ask me.

This trend have been slayed severally by women of different class and caliber, at different occasions BUT the men are yet to get a grip of it.

Okay, it’s not that the boot tuck is naturally awful ( do not get me wrong). In fact, when it started it was issued only the warning that the look is not too purposeful looking or precisely done except when perfectly executed and worn with utmost confidence. So it can be dine but not over-flogged and you definitely have to get it right.

But here’s the thing, men in general especially from this part of the world aren’t getting it right .54cb5f41e1cb5_-_13-boot-tuck-0910-lg-83158210

A good example is this picture of a skinny jeans tucked into a set of boots flopping pathetically around the ankle , the actual top of the boots rendered useless, left to languish , collapsing onto itself like a soulfflé deflating in a cupboard.

Can the boot tuck be great? Yes. But only a fraction of a percent of those who try to achieve this fashion heights. The rest of us just look like crap.

Gentlemen,it’s time to drop the axe and kill the boot tuck OR Get it right!!!

The odds are unacceptable, collateral damage, too high. Its time guys let’s drop the axe.

…Be A Better Person!!!

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