PUBLIC NOTICE: Ugwuanyi Appoints New 600 Executive Assistants…

The Executive Governor of Enugu state, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, some hours ago released the names of six hundred (600) Executive Assistants.

The list of those appointed are pasted on the notice board in the office of the special adviser to the Governor on political matters and on all the local government HQ information boards.

These appointees are to proceed to the office of the S.P.A political with evidence of identification for further information and directives.

This message is from the office of the special adviser to the Governor on political matters and signed by Hon. Emeka Madu.(S.P.A political).

God Bless The Good People Of Ndi Enugu!!!

13 thoughts on “PUBLIC NOTICE: Ugwuanyi Appoints New 600 Executive Assistants…

  1. Kudos to HIS EXCELLENCY and the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Chief LAWRENCE IFEANYI UGWUANYI.
    He is fulfilling His promise of job creation for ndi Enugu. 600 jobs created within his first 5 months in office, a sign of complete good governance in Enugu.


  2. This is a welcome development. Kudos to our governor & our man. it’s good we didn’t allow d self acclaimed international politician from Abuja to hijack d lion building. what do think?


  3. Everything that is happening now is what God has promised Enugu People about His picking the Rt Hon Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi as the Governor of Enugu State. The 600 Executive Assistant he just appointed are just the good things that are coming on the way. May the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and the awesome God of Jacob will forever leads him aright in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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  5. With the current rate of defection going on in our various communities,in the name of GREATER AWGU; i challenge the Enugu state PDP Government to brace up to changes or we shall suffer the same problems of states that are adamant to change. its high time our PDP structures will change to a new page.lets do new things. Enough of ward executives and stake holders PDP. lets try all inclusive PDP. lets beg our stake holders to adopt to selfless services. “it must not be you”, it must not be your children; it must not be from you; it must not be shared only by executives; the money must not always be shared etc.
    Our Governor is not a magician. lets not continue to betray our Governor. if he helps you, try to extend it to all.become a veritable too for others.
    i forsee a rented crowd from each ward at the next visit of the Governor especially in Oji River; they will shout hosanna as usual, chant PDP as usual; but come to 17:59, you will regret being a PDP member.
    its high time PDP will look inward andseek for genuine grassroot volunteers; people with people in mind, people of selfless services, people of genuine commitments. we need them now. we are tired of same people in APC and PDP……….
    remove stake holder in PDP and tomorrow APC will welcome him/her, vice versa.
    my name is NWOKEABIA ONYII (MC MANAGER), am from oji River, Enugu State.
    I will never stop talking until a common man is called up to come and speak his mind.


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