Facebook Hits 1.59 Billion Users…

Facebook has announced its quarterly results putting the number of people who use the biggest social networking site at 1.59 billion. Those who use Groups on Facebook is put at 1 billion. WhatsApp, newly acquired by Facebook equally has a quarterly figure of 1 billion.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg who announced the results on his Facebook page said his organization has successfully connected more than 19 billion people with Internet access.
Our community now has more than 1.59 billion people. More than 1 billion people use Groups. Almost 1 billion people use WhatsApp. More than 19 million people who previously had no internet access are now connected through Internet.org.
In 2015 people came together in many different ways on Facebook. We celebrated happy moments, from the Indian Super League to the release of Star Wars. Millions of people rallied to support Nepal after the earthquake, France after the Paris attacks and all those affected by the refugee crisis. And every day, hundreds of millions of people just used Facebook to connect with loved ones.
He thanked Facebook users for being a part of the community, and for helping to connect the world.

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