She’s Annoying Right???

Men love women. We do. We love making them laugh. We love their bodies and their smiles. We love the way they dance and the way they walk, and the gracefulness they bring to even the most mundane, everyday chores. We smile when they’re happy and do our best to comfort them when they’re not.

Which probably goes a long way toward understanding how we put up with the crazy things they do. (Why they put up with us, on the other hand, is a total mystery.) So here are 10 things women do that drive us crazy, inspired by this  Reddit thread. Continue reading

Benefits Of The Friendzone.

If you want someone to be your girlfriend, you cannot expect that person to deduce that through some process of mind-reading and code-deciphering…

As most of us know, the friendzone is a place that romantic intentions go to die: It’s an elephant graveyard where men who aren’t quite good enough to make the cut as boyfriends are politely relegated to rot in the terrain of friendship, while the object of your affection is off cavorting with other, better candidates.

At least, that’s the depressing way of looking at it. In reality, though, it’s a blessing in disguise. Here are reasons why: Continue reading

Bimek SLV Can Literally Switch Off Your Sperm.

Who Needs Condoms When You Can Switch Off Your Sperm At The Flick Of A Switch?

Women being the only ones responsible for birth control is slowly becoming a thing of the past. But this weird new sperm switch not only promises to “make contraception a man’s business”  it’ll allow you to turn your fertility on and off whenever you want. Yes, just like a robot man of the future.  Continue reading

I Don’t Want To Be The Most Important Person In Your Life…

I’d like to be a team that supports each other in their individual pursuits without resentment

It feels rude to say that. Like I don’t care about my significant other. Or that I’m ungrateful for his love and affection. But I came to this realization after so many years of downplaying what I wanted personally or professionally because it seemed that’s what was required. That love should trump everything else in my life. Blame it on social pressure, or on rom-coms where the characters quit their jobs and run to the airport at the very last minute. For most of my life, I let a bit of myself get lost while trying to be a “good girlfriend.” Continue reading

What Counts As Cheating In a Relationship???

I’ve come to discover that one of the greatest challenges to a committed relationship is when one partner goes outside the marriage to look for a connection, either physical and/or emotional.

When people find out about infidelity, they often make all kinds of assumptions about how and why people have affairs. Here are the nine most common misconceptions about infidelity, and the real take on what you need to know. Continue reading

When Romance Dies…

It’s no fun thing to admit, but the romantic love stage of a relationship isn’t meant to last. Actually, there are three phases of relationships: the Ideal, the Ordeal, and the Real Deal. When we fall in love  (the first stage), our brain becomes flooded with the neurons, which increase our positive outlook, diminish pain, and cause us to feel safe and calm. They help motivate us to make the commitment to a relationship. So that first stage is all well and good – but what happens when it ends?  Continue reading

I Have Saboteurs In My Government… Pres. Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari in an interview with Al Jazeera has stated that there are some people in his government who are not “100% loyal” to his administration. Buhari defined the controversies surrounding the 2016 budget as unfortunate, saying those responsible for the shame will be punished. Continue reading

Important Non-Sexual Skills Women Want Men To Have…

No one (woman) wants a fully grown man child.

There is a wealth of theoretical and practical advice out there on how to treat a lady in the bedroom but when it comes to everything else, men are often left in the dark. This, i believe is because of the bogus theory that Sex is Everything. Continue reading

After Dumping PDP, Nwobodo, 75, dumps Anglican To Wed Again In Catholic Church…

Barely 24 hours after he defected from the PDP to the APC, former governor of the old Anambra State, Chief Jim Nwobodo, wedded in the Catholic church. He tied the knots with his wife, Patricia, today at
the Catholic Bishop’s Court, in Enugu. Continue reading

PHOTOs: Comedian/OAP Warri Bros Proposes To Girlfriend On Her Birthday…

Love Is A Beautiful Thing!!!

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to “Close the doors on the world, so he can be together…with his soul mate, partner and most trusted friend…”. For Collin Udogun, popularly known as Warri Bros, one of the best comedians I have heard, that time is Now.

At a surprise birthday party on sunday, he “knelt down” like a classic man and asked her to marry him. In his own words; Continue reading

Man Cuts Off joystick, Says Its Useless To Him…

A man in Kenya has cut his manhood due to his inability to get a girlfriend.

A 25-year-old Kenyan man from the Kirinyaga County, Leonard Kimotho , caused a stir in his community when he chopped off his own joystick on January 1, 2016, (New Year’s day), in protest for being turned down by the women he was trying to date, reports Continue reading

Best Traits Of A Girlfriend…

If This Sounds Like Your Girlfriend, Don’t Lose her.

You know what? Am feeling sentimental thinking about true love. Maybe or not, it really does exist, you know? Despite the odds and everything. Maybe there’s more to life than playing the field. Well, i strongly believe you can create your own relationship success by looking for the right traits in a woman, instead of allowing your feelings to get the best of you. Lets take a look at some of the traits; Continue reading

Ireland Legalize Same Sex Marriage by Vote…

The Irish republic became the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote

Same-sex marriage is now legal in the Republic of Ireland, after legislation passed by referendum in May came into effect Monday.

The Irish state became the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote when the Marriage Act 2015 was passed, reports the Continue reading