South East Governors Forum In A Closed Door Meeting Over IPOB In Enugu.

In view of the prevailing security situation in the South East and its attendant consequences, the South East Governors in a closed door meeting with the GOC, 82 Division, Enugu, Major General, Abubakar Adamu, Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo,  among others at Enugu  Government House, resolved that:

“1.     All activities of IPOB are hereby proscribed. IPOB and all other aggrieved groups are advised to articulate their position on all National issues and submit to the Committee of Governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo and National Assembly Members from the South East Zone, through the Chairman, South East Governors Forum.

2.     All Governors of South East Zone are to ensure compliance in their respective State.

3.     South East Governors Forum, Ohaneze Ndigbo and National Assembly Members do hereby reinforce their commitment to a united and indivisible Nigeria.

4.     We also reinforce our desire for the restructuring of Nigeria where all National issues will be discussed and amicably settled to achieve justice and fairness to every Nigerian.

5.     We reiterate our earlier position that the November 18, 2017 Governorship election in Anambra State must hold.

6.     Accordingly, we appeal to Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR to please, withdraw the Military in the South East Zone, while Police perform their traditional role of maintaining law and order.

7.     South East Governors have taken concrete steps to protect lives and property of indigenes and non-indigenes in the South East.

8.     We are in touch with the Northern Governors Forum, they have assured us of the safety of all our people living in the north and we have also planned for exchange of visits between the Governors and to re-enforce the confidence of Nigerians in this respect.

9.     In keeping with our earlier position, we wish to assure Nigerians that full investigation is ongoing on all allegations of killings, maiming and other unlawful conduct in the South East Zone within this period. The Governors and the Security agencies are in agreement that appropriate action will be taken against anyone found culpable.

10. We advise all residents of the South East to go about their normal businesses as Government of each State is committed to protecting everyboby.

11. Finally, we advise our people in the South East to please be Law abiding.”

Engr. Nweze Dave Umahi, FNSE, FNATE
Governor of Ebonyi State/
Chiarman, South East Governors Forum

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Kissing Women…

You Know How To Kiss Her, Right? Well, Prove It…

Personally, Foreplay is way way more interesting than Sex itself…Personal opinion *smiles*.

You think you know how to kiss a girl so it makes her tingle — but do you really? The basic mechanics of kissing seem simple (and let’s be real, something you’ve been doing for at least a decade), but to really kiss a girl in a way that will make her want to see you again, and possibly naked, you might need to brush up on your skills.

From how to initiate it to how she’ll feel afterwards, real men dish on how to kiss a girl in a way that might just leave her (rarely) speechless.

Look For The Signs

Before you start even going in for the sweet deal — make sure you’re aware of the signals the girl is sending, first. Most of the time — between the wine and convo — you’ll have an idea if she’s into you or not. Olive, a 24-year-old from Nigeria, says that if she’s into a guy, she’ll make more of a point to touch him: “When I want a guy to kiss me at the end of our date, I’ll make sure I brush up against him while we’re leaving. Or I’ll look at him in the eyes longer than I normally would with someone I was uncertain about.” Other signs a girl wants a smooch? She gets closer to you during the day and she compliments something about your face — your eyes, your lips, anything.

Start Slow

You’ll have plenty of time for fancy tongue work if the first date turns into more, but don’t ruin your chances by getting too sexual from the get-go. Kate, a 27-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria, says there is nothing worse than too much tongue or being aggressive when you’re first starting to kiss. “Slow and steady is best for a first kiss— no one likes slobber!” she says. “If I have to wipe my chin, you’re doing it wrong.”

Use Your Hands – Appropriately

There’s a fine line between being too intense and not sensual enough when you’re going in for the kiss. You don’t want to leave her wondering if you’re a bad kisser or if you’re not that into her. How to fix it? Use your hands!  — gently! — when kissing soft and slow. “That added physical connection is enough to let me know there could be other types of chemistry later on, and it still makes me a little flushed, no matter how many first kisses I’ve had!” If you’d rather stay away from her hair, place them on the small of her back or if you’re really into her, brush your fingers against her cheek.

Check Your Breath

Unbrushed teeth and bad breath is a huge turn-off. Do a breath check before the business…it determines how successful it will be  I absolutely cannot take a girl seriously if she has gunk on her teeth or if I can smell pungent breath, I will use any and all excuses to avoid locking lips. Even if you just carry some gum for a quick chew, that should do the trick and keep you fresh until you kiss her.


You can always tell when someone isn’t comfortable kissing or if he/she is unsure about what it. if a kiss comes off way too tough and not gentle enough. Relax, it’s a kiss!!! Though it might seem easier said than done, go with what feels right in your gut, while considering all of the points above. The worst thing you can do is make the kiss awkward because you aren’t confident enough to really kiss her like you mean it or better still, like you’ve imagined in your head.


The longer you date, the more types of people you will kiss. There is no special and perfect way to kiss. it’s all specific to what he/she likes. Once you guys have been seeing and making out with each other  for a while, he/she might bring up things he/she likes and doesn’t. George, a 28 year old man from Enugu, says that after a while, biting and teasing can get him going, even if she doesn’t want that playfulness in the beginning. Be open to what he/she wants, and don’t be afraid to tell him/her what you’d like in return, too. Kissing is a two-way street, so it might as well work for both of you.

Is Patience Really A Virtue?

Your Time Is Valuable –

Time is our most precious asset and it seems that no matter which direction you look, there is a product or service geared to saving you time or helping you accomplish results faster. Patience is the virtue we exercise to take advantage of the time we have.

While I would love perfect abs in six minutes or to become a millionaire in 90 days, it simply isn’t going to happen. So how do you balance time and effort and differentiate between patience and wasting time?

These are all questions that, despite not being asked often or talked about, can drastically change your perspective, and help you understand why there really is no substitute for time.

Think about the six minute abs example, as working out usually pertains to everyone reading this. The action takes 6 minutes, but the results won’t appear in only six minutes.

The idea is that the action itself is geared to save you time so you don’t spend one hour in the gym, when you can spend six minutes in front of your TV. While it may seem gimmicky at first, it really isn’t, as it is rather a trick played on your mind.

Since we are a society focused on instant gratification, we simply want to believe that the results can be obtained in just six minutes. The idea of the advertisement is to focus on how little time can yield big results and seems very convincing to people who are already limited on time and short on patience.

The reality of the situation, however, is that six minutes’ worth of ab exercise alone is not enough to get you in shape, but consistency in exercise balanced, with cardio routines and a diet, may actually leave you looking like a television fitness model.

While patience is a virtue, waiting around doing nothing certainly isn’t the answer to finding success, in business or in life. The key to balancing time and functionality lies with the actions you take and the focus of your life being driven by your habits, rather than by the results.

The reason your actions and habits matter more is because they are directly in your control, but the results you seek are more or less a by-product of that. Dwelling on the results will not change them but tweaking your efforts, actions, and habits certainly will yield different results, particularly if you can be patient long enough to see your hard work pay off.

The balance of patience comes from your ability to perform a strong set of continuous actions in the right direction, which will yield results over time rather than after each action itself.

When chasing success, money, or entrepreneurship, the same elements apply, as you must be able to stay the course and focus on daily routines which, when combined, will yield a higher level of reward. Not to mention, effective time management is one of the necessary skills of a gentleman.

The element of patience comes into play when you are able have a clear understanding that what you perceive to be the length of consistency may not be accurate. In other words, if you believe that working hard for six months will yield a certain payout or result and are willing to only give it six month, then perhaps your understanding of how to leverage time needs to change.

You must understand that time is very precious and that it must take its course regardless of your personal belief or the goals you set up earlier on, which is why setting deadlines work but setting results-driven timelines don’t.

Instead, invest in timelines that are focused around efforts and habits, things that are fully in your control and in your ability to change. Here is a crisp and easy to understand example.

Here is how most people set a goal:

“I want to be a millionaire by 30.” — That is a goal that associates time with results, when neither variable is completely in your control.

On the other hand, a better and more grounded goal might be:

“I will form my first business by 25, and have at least 100 clients by 30.” — While both goals create an opportunity to be a millionaire by 30, this one enables you to measure time through your actionable efforts rather than by their results. Real men orient their lives around what they can do, rather than focusing on what they can’t.

Once you understand that, regardless of your expectation of how long something should take, your efforts should never be focused on time itself, but rather on the action you can control, without ever forgetting that there is no substitute for time and patience.