What Women Think About Your Cologne…Pt 1

In the grooming universe, a man is defined by his scent. It can come from a well-formulated deodorant, shower gel or hair-styling product. An aftershave might even draw you the right stares during up-close encounters. Nevertheless, nothing earns you aromatic allure more than a refined cologne.

Cologne has some serious super powers. Continue reading

Music Alert: Iwe n’ewem by Mc4God ft Slow dog And JJ D Jocular 1…

After the first single from the actor, comedian and OAP @mc4god1 ‘Airport‘ (click to download), the multi-talented OAP is out with another one titled “Iwe N’ewem” featuring @iamslowdog and @dejocular.

#Iwe talks about the present state of mind of ‘fellow Nigerians’ as a result of the economic hardship in the country, caused by recession.  Continue reading

Selfies And Happiness…

Researchers have found three simple ways to use your smartphone that will actually make you happier – and taking regular selfies is one of them.

Smartphones are often blamed for many of modern society’s ills – for encouraging us to ignore our partners (also known as ‘phubbing’), for lowering the sperm count in men, for the decline of our memories… Continue reading

I Don’t Want To Be The Most Important Person In Your Life…

I’d like to be a team that supports each other in their individual pursuits without resentment

It feels rude to say that. Like I don’t care about my significant other. Or that I’m ungrateful for his love and affection. But I came to this realization after so many years of downplaying what I wanted personally or professionally because it seemed that’s what was required. That love should trump everything else in my life. Blame it on social pressure, or on rom-coms where the characters quit their jobs and run to the airport at the very last minute. For most of my life, I let a bit of myself get lost while trying to be a “good girlfriend.” Continue reading