Sexting Etiquette…

It’s generally a good rule of thumb to not sext anyone you haven’t sexed in real life first.

Before you decide to photograph your member and sext it to a girl you’re pursuing, find out what she will think about receiving it. Sexting being the sending or posting of nude or partially nude images with the availability of technologically advanced cell phones with video capabilities, is a growing virus.

A breakdown of sexting etiquette for you… Continue reading

Maximum Impact: Fela Durotoye comes to Word House…

House on the rock church, Enugu will be hosting a 3-days motivational class with Fela Durotoye themed “Maximum Impact”.

Host: Pastor Edwin Bayeibo, Pastor of HOTR, Enugu.

Date: 5th – 7th June, 2015.

Time: 5th – 5pm, 6th – 10am, 7th – 8am.

Venue: House on the Rock, MSP, opposite Old Path, Nkpotiki, Independence Layout, Enugu.

Plan to attend!!!


Stress gets a bad rep but the truth is that we all need a little of it in our lives. It’s what keeps us active, alert and moving forward. However, too much stress – at work, home, leads to the fight-or-flight hormones adrenaline and cortisol wreaking havoc on our immune and digestive systems. Your body rushes to focus on dealing with the imminent danger it’s expecting and, frankly speaking, it doesn’t deal with it very well. Anxiety, depression, heart disease, weight gain, concentration, reduced libido, breathlessness, racing heart, numbness, tingling and poor memory are all ways our body reacts to long-term stress and anxiety. You don’t want that, so here are tips for managing and overcoming stress and anxiety. Continue reading

Having A Good Woman…

And over time, you’ll often find that for every good man exists a better woman behind him.

In your quest to be a better man, you are someone always striving for what is best. Whether it is for you or your family, working up the mountain is no easy task and, along the way, you’ll come across contacts that will support and lend advice to ensure the path you have chosen is the one you need to face. And over time, you’ll often find that for every good man exists a better woman behind him.

The significance of having a strong, competent and nurturing woman cannot be overstated. That’s not to say that all situations call for a partner, but it is certainly more enjoyable swinging the tennis racket with someone good  especially since the excellent players force you to evolve your game. Continue reading

Loneliness in Love…

Lonely people often think similarly that the way out of loneliness is to receive the love of another

Can love and loneliness go on the same path in a man’s life? waking up in the morning to deliberate on why nature gave you this life, in which it seems you have been left alone in a world of your own. It is something very deep to be understood, something of great significance.

After seeing the movie “FROZEN” , I understood how someone could be Loved and Left Alone, and this exposes such person to loneliness irrespective of age, gender, class, social status, level of education, etc.

Here, are Personal, helpful tips on dealing with loneliness from the movie; Continue reading

True Beauty…

Outer beauty is a reflection of our inner experience.

Many women today have lost sight of what true beauty is. There seems to be an unspoken rule that women are not worth being seen in public unless they are dressed to the gills, with overdone make-up and flashy clothing. There are those who dress in high heels and bangle earrings to go shopping, and others who squeeze themselves into jeans and form-fitting tops to join the parade at the mall. Even older women seemed to have fallen prey to the idea that their beauty is wrapped up in how they look. Continue reading