Benefits Of The Friendzone.

If you want someone to be your girlfriend, you cannot expect that person to deduce that through some process of mind-reading and code-deciphering…

As most of us know, the friendzone is a place that romantic intentions go to die: It’s an elephant graveyard where men who aren’t quite good enough to make the cut as boyfriends are politely relegated to rot in the terrain of friendship, while the object of your affection is off cavorting with other, better candidates.

At least, that’s the depressing way of looking at it. In reality, though, it’s a blessing in disguise. Here are reasons why: Continue reading

FRIEND ZONE…What They Don’t Tell You 

So I was having a conversation with an old Friend and we got to that point where there was nothing else to say. My birthday had just passed and randomly, I forget now how, but we landed on the gifts I got. They were quite a lot; a number of them from guys. I was unusually talkative so I rattled them off the second I was asked.

Old Friend then said, “You know you will get to pay for these gifts one way or Continue reading