#MPWPodcasts EP 11 | 12 With @TobeDadiva…

#MPWPodcasts EP 11 || Meet Jake + Some Mistakes to Learn From

I am leaving you with some inspiration from Jake’s story. I referred to his work in a previous episode and on this one, you get to know more about him. I also go over a few mistakes I’ve made in my career and hope that you will learn a thing or two from them.



#MPWPodcasts  EP 12- Conclusion



I am open to facilitation and training engagements, so feel free to reach me via email. I am also open to one-on-one coaching and will always be happy to share my opinion on your work if you reach me.

I wish you the best and look out for more material that will be coming up in a few months.


…Be A Better Person!!!

#MPWPodcasts EP 10 || Converge

On this episode, the conversation is on the use of Social Media. Contrary to the initial belief that social media would kill the radio and tv star, it is now obvious that the strategic use of social media does the exact opposite.

I share 5 tips on using social media to grow your engagement and numbers.

As always, I wish you the best!

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#MPWPodcasts EP 9 || You are a Presenter – Inform, Entertain and Engage.

You are now a presenter and like I said, it comes with responsibilities and expectations. On this episode, I share three things that you owe yourself for your success and you owe your audience, to give them value.

Enjoy and as always, good luck!

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#MPWPodcasts EP 6| 7 |8


#MPWPodcasts EP 6 || How to be a good Sidekick, Intern and/or assistant.

For a lot of us in the broadcast media industry, the starting point is as a rookie, working on someone else show and working our way up the ladder. On this episode of the podcast, I take you through your ‘rookie’ days and offer tips to help you make a good impression and gain the most out of your starting point.

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#MPWPodcasts EP 3 || Becoming a Presenter 1

On this Episode, I go through a few thoughts and tips that I found helpful in my growth; pointers that you can easily develop yourself on. I also talk about creating a Radio Demo and share one that was made specifically, for this series. Listen out for the ‘little something’ about the Demo I shared and let me know if you can identify what they are (here’s a tip…there are two things)

Happy listening…

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#MPWPodcasts – EP 2 || Careers In Broadcast Media Apart From Presenting.

As much as there are outstanding OAPs and Media Personality, there are also several other career paths that give creative flexibility and so much more. Best of all is that you can be any of these while still being a presenter, if you choose. So go ahead and explore Continue reading